How To Apply For KUSUM YOJANA 2020

 How To Apply For KUSUM YOJANA 2020

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The Government of India has dispatched another plan named
KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Uhaan Mahaabhiyan) to finance the ranchers with
sun oriented water system siphons (SIPs) in their homesteads. Under this plan,
the legislature will give a 60% endowment to a rancher for setting up of siphon
sets and cylinder wells on their territory. In this article, we take a gander
at the Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Uhaan Mahaabhiyan plot in detail.


Coming up next are the rundown of advantages under Kusum


  1. Ranchers will be furnished with the alternative to sell the
    additional force legitimately to the administration that would assist the
    ranchers with extra pay.
  2. The administration has additionally stepped up and build
    plants, that would create sun oriented force. According to the draft, these
    plants are equipped for creating an aggregate of 28,250 MW power.
  3. Aside from the sun oriented force plants, the administration
    pursue the new sun powered siphons with the diesel siphons that holds the limit
    of 720 MW.
  4. This plan likewise gives ranchers the occasion to bring in
    additional cash by introducing sunlight based siphons. The measure of energy
    created extra, can be offered to the legislature.
  5. Each rancher will get an immense endowment on this better
    than ever sun based controlled siphons. The ranchers should raise just 10% of
    the complete expense for this reason.
  6. The focal government will give 60% appropriation to the
    qualified ranchers on the complete expense of the sun powered siphon, and the
    leftover 30% of the cost will be given as credit by the banks.
  7. The expanded utilization of sun based force and power from
    sun based plants will bring down the contamination level in the homestead.

Kusum Yojana Online Application Procedure

The farmers can apply for the Kusum Yojana through the
following procedure specified below


Access the Portal


Step 1: First, the farmers have to visit the official
website of Kusum Yojana.


Login to Portal


Step 2: Now, you can log in with the reference number on the
homepage of the portal.


Step 3: After you have logged in to the portal, you can fill
out the online application form to take the Kusum solar pump.


Apply for the Scheme


 Step 4: The farmer
has to click on the “Apply” button that is visible on the home page.


5: Upon tapping on the apply button, the rancher will be taken to the
enlistment page. 


Stage 6: The application structure for the
Kusum Yojana will be shown on the screen as demonstrated as follows: 


Stage 7: Now you have to enter all the
mentioned subtleties in the application structure. 


Stage 8: Enter the subtleties, for
example, ranchers name, portable number, email address and the other


Present the Application Form 


Stage 9: After finishing all the
subtleties, the rancher must tap on the submit catch to finish the enlistment


Affirmation Number 


Stage 10: On presenting the application
structure, the rancher will get the message expressing “Effectively


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